<strong>Duoyicheng Controlled Release Fertilizer Introduction</strong>  Duoyicheng Controlled Release Fertilizer Introduction
Controlled release fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer, which changes the fertilizer from quick release to slow release with special polymer resin coating material, and increase the utilization rate of fertilizer, prolong fertilizing time. Do-welling company has a wide range of formula and release longevities from two to sixteen months(at a soil temperature of 25℃). Smartcote® controlled release fertilizer are designed to feed agriculture crops continuously throughout the growth season. The most reliable and effective way to control the availability of nutrients for plant uptake is by regulating their release into the soil solution. This is achieved by encapsulating solid fertilizer particles in a polymeric coating. During the production process, granules of soluble fertilizer are coated with very fine polymer layers. This polymer coating, which acts as a semi-permeable
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